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  1. Huskies are magnificent creatures and I think they deserve the best we can give them. You can't just feed your husky, or any other beloved pet for that matter, just anything. Huskies tend to enjoy raw foods quite well so I understand that some may resist eating kibble. The things you've tried to get her to eat the kibble seem like good ideas. I do have a suggestion though. There's a wellness protocol named Buddy Custard that comes in a peanut butter flavor variety. Because dogs tend to love peanut butter, they love the taste of BC. To them it tastes like a yummy treat, but it's so much more. It has only four all natural ingredients that work together to keep dogs thriving. The formula is based on the Budwig protocol from the 1950s. There has been many studies done showing the benefits it has against illnesses like cancer and arthritis. I would try the protocol to see if the dog is more inclined to eat kibble when mixed with BC. Not only is your dog gonna enjoy it, but you also get the health benefits so it's a win-win!
  2. Omg yes!!! Huskies are so elegant!
  3. I was thinking about this thread today and decided to do some research myself. I stumbled upon a product named Buddy Custard, has anyone heard of it or tried it before? It's not a brand of dog food, rather it's something you can add to your dog's current diet. If your husky is really into that puppy chow you wouldn't even have to bother replacing it and you'd get the nutrition benefits from BC. The ingredients they use are all natural and help ensure that your husky thrives. So it would be a win win situation for both you and your puppy. Plus I looked at their website and they even have research papers backing up what they do, I know you mentioned studies in your original post so I thought you'd like to know that. You should definitely take a look at their website and include them in your list of possibilities.
  4. I never know what to watch on Netflix, I scroll for minutes on end sometimes. I came across Ancient Aliens which I used to watch on the History Channel back in the day so I've recently just had it playing in the background as I'm going about my business at home. Did anyone else watch AA? Thoughts? I'd also appreciate recommendations on what to watch...particularly any good world cinema movies? I just think languages are super interesting so I enjoy foreign films.
  5. Omg Jax is precious!!!!!! I've never had a husky with epilepsy, I didn't even know this was a thing. It was shocking really to come across this post. But i'm glad you figured out what was going on with Jax. Thank goodness he's doing better with the medicine! I think it's important to try a variety of things, some people have suggested CBD which has many benefits. I hadn't heard of the Purina neurocare food before but hey it might work for you. Of course always consult with the vet. May Jax continue to live his best life with as few seizures as possible!
  6. Wow this was a very informational post. Arthritis is a pain when it comes to being a human and suffering from it. I can't imagine having to see a beloved pet become a shell of their former selves because of arthritis. Are there actually people who give their huskies advil and tylenol? I mean I know vets and animal pharmaceuticals are expensive, but goodness! I'd probably go for something more natural...maybe massages or herbs. Surely they can bring some relief, but aspirin? Not for a husky! Or any other dog for that matter. I've heard that omega fatty acids can help...the treats thing can really be misleading. One really has to do their research when it comes to such things.
  7. I think it's great that you really care about your puppy and have done some research to find out what is the best thing for her. There are so many kinds of dog foods and supplements out there and you're right, a lot of them can be horrible for a dog's health. In fact, there are even lawsuits against some dog food companies because dogs have become sick and even died after eating these chemical laden foods. Not only is it important to consider the ingredients and health benefits of the food, but of course you also have to consider what the puppy likes as far as smell and taste. Have you decided on which foods to try besides the Purina Puppy Chow? Maybe you can stick with that for a little bit longer before you find other options. Or you could try a variety of foods and give her the Puppy Chow occasionally without necessarily removing it entirely. After all I don't think it is bad and if she is happy with it...but if you really want to eliminate it from her diet, we should find a good replacement.
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