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  1. When we adopted Nora the breeder said that since she was 16 weeks she only needed one set of puppy shots. The reason they give three sets usually is because when a breastfeeding puppy gets the shot the mother’s immunity will render the vaccine useless. Nora was immunized at 16 weeks with the 5and1 shot and rabies two weeks later. Previously, I had been told that Nora was fine and was planning to immunize her again at the one year booster. Now the vet is acting strange about her records and I am wondering if she will have to be vaccinated again. I don’t want to give her more shots if she doesn’t need them since my last dog(pit/husky) died of cancer at the immunization site. I do believe in the purpose of vaccines. I just don’t want to needlessly immunize her if her shots did work. And if we go though another set of shots, will the booster be a year after she receives the new set or a year from her first set? Thank you for any help or advice.
  2. Hi, I’ve visited this forum in and off since I got my husky a year ago. I have a shepherd husky mix (Blaise, 2 years, male) and a Husky (Nora, 1 year, female) Don’t mind Blaise’s depressed look. I guess he didn’t think picture taking was fun that day!
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