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  1. Update, Zero had three pups today and did great! Very little help from me was needed. All are big, healthy and mama is doing great! I’ll post pics tomorrow after I get some sleep. Very long night and day too!
  2. Hello all! I am new here but hoping to get some advice. I have a 4yr old Husky named Zero. She is due to whelp her first litter in the next few days and although I have whelped many litters in the past (used to work for a handler), I am not a breeder and she is my first Husky. She has her whelping box all sorted out and seems happy with it. I have not checked for a temp drop yet but she has refused all food since yesterday morning and she is pacing and panting and whining off and on so I think we’re close. Are there any specific concerns or problems I should be looking for with huskies? My vet is closed until Monday so if she goes into active labor in the net two days, I am on my own. She is my baby and this was an accidental mating and I just want to be prepared to help her any way I can. Any advice would be great! Blue-eyed copper pinto with black points. Her name is Seabrook’s Siberian Sub-Zero (Zero) and she’s my baby!!!
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