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  1. Wolfpup. Thank you! I don’t know why they wooly coat is getting a negative reaction from so many people. I can understand maybe not owning one down south but I’m from Maine so we have a good 6-7 months where it isn’t all that warm. I love the fluffy coat huskies too.
  2. I love the breed and all the goofiness that goes along with it. While they’re a lot of work to train, it’s well worth it in the end. My real question is the type of husky that our new little one is. I never realized that you have the regular, shorter haired ones, plush and wooly. After a little research I see a lot of people saying that wooly huskies shouldn’t be bred and I don’t have any plans on breeding mine at all anyways. I’m hoping that a few more experienced owners/breeders can weigh in and tell me if they think mine is a wooly or not. I know it’s tough to tell because she’s 14 weeks old right now so she’s still 100% puppy, floof and all!
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