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  1. Steelwolf


    I know if I raise the dog wrong. But adults like I said, you don't know for sure how they were raised. I adopted 2 seniors. One of them supposedly liked kids, but she didn't. It's not her fault but the shelter said the person who surrendered her said that she liked kids.
  2. Steelwolf


    That's what I want was female. They're 2 husky pups up for adoption right now. Both female. I want a puppy though, because They're neutral, I have a cat and I want to make sure it likes cats. An adult dog will more likely to have it's mind set.
  3. Steelwolf


    Yeah I don't want a guard dog I already have a male GSD and I don't want a guard dog which is one reason why I want a husky. Not the only reason of course. My GSD is not aggressive, just protective. He absolutely loves female dogs though.
  4. Steelwolf


    Yeah I get that. I had a few dogs before I've ben doing research They do shed a lot which I'm used to I had German shepherd hair and cat hair everywhere! lol I think the cat hair is worse then the dogs hair :'D I know they have lots of energy, which my GS does too. They're 2 pups in rescues I found that I like but I'm afraid I won't get them.
  5. Steelwolf


    Hey I'm looking to adopt or buy a husky pup. I don't have one yet, but I am looking to get one. I joined here So I could get advice on adopting or buying one.
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