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  1. Thanks Val!... I really appreciate it!... The same to y'all if you need something from here! I was desperated to find this cream for my mom... she's 75 and allergic to so many things, her hands are very cracked and dry... this cream came very highly recommended and I am so happy Sid found this website... I looked at few of them but none shipped to the US... now let's pray they send me an order confirmation of shipment and not a message saying they are not shipping to the US "at the moment" and the original website... Fingers and toes crossed!!!! I'll let you know as soon as I get the stuff!!!!! Pawhugs!!!
  2. Sid, Thank you for the info. Great website!!! I placed an order for 5 of the 200ml tubes and went ahead and ordered other stuff too!... Sandy
  3. My dear friends, I need your help urgently!... I need a hand cream, it's name is Dermasalve cream and I can't find it in the US. Please click here for the link DERMASALVE CREAM This is what it looks like and this is their phone number 0800-027-7490 On the webpage it says they deliver to the US but when I wanted to complete the order, it would only accept UK addresses (or European... I'm not sure) Could someone communicate with me to you buy it and send it to me?... just tell me how much it is for 3 large tubes and I will send the money to you via PayPal (please include shipping too!!!) immediately!... Please let me know as soon as possible if you can get it for me... get me 3 tubes of the largest amount (so it lasts!)... this is for my Mom, it's the only cream she can use (she cannot use creams with alcohol, lanolin, fragances of any type) and right now she suffers because of her dried and cracked hands. I will be in your debt forever!... Pawhugs!!!! Sandy
  4. How about this hats?... do they work?... How about a photo of your husky making a funny face!... (can be looking upset, bored... showing teeth...)
  5. Hey guys!... Thanks Val for that vote of confidence!... remember that I am NOT a professional photographer, but if you all would like to have a thread where I can answer questions, share what I have learned and my views on such things as equipment, photography applications and others, I would be delighted to share, just know, I am NOT a professional!!!... But, of course you can count on me!!!! Pawhugs!!!!
  6. Thank you guys!... Like you all already know, I am no professional, just lucky to have two huskies that absolutely love the camera!!!... Sarah!... I would just love to take a trip with the "kids" and come to see you!... but!... they may never want to came back!!!! About the captions... well, when I look at the photos, the captions just pop in my head... hehehe! Nina and Shiloh just make it so easy for me to do all these things!... if they knew how much fun we have at their expense, they will for sure sue me!... hehehe!!!!
  7. Here they are!... hope you don't get dizzy with all the photos!!!! 1. "Hey momma!... we are just playing!..." 2. "Do I still have peanut butter in my teeth?" 3. "Wow!... look!.. the sun has come out to play!!" 4. "... and now it's hiding again!... bummer!" 5. The gorgeous couple... out and about! 6. "Me hungry!..." 7. "That was my toy dammit!" 8. "Yup!.. you said it right buster... it WAS your toy... now it's MINE!" 9. "It's getting colder out here momma!... " 10. "Yummy peanut butter!... hmmm!" 11. "Snack-time in paradise!" 12. "Yup!.. life is good!..." 13. "You are nuts if you think I'm sharing this with you!" 14. "I am one good-looking chick!" 15. "Damned!!... that's one long tongue I have!" 16. Shiloh: "Hey!... why the face?" Nina: "Hush there boy!... I've got peanut butter in my teeth and momma wants me to smile... ugh!!" 17. Well, well, well... how cozy is that?! 18. "Let your heart go free... if it comes back to you, it's yours... if it doesn't... go Tango all night with a poddle!..." 19. Another close up!... 20. Shiloh: "Nina loves me!!!" Nina: "Whatever" 21. "But mom!... I have no makeup on yet!" 22. "It's Karaoke time!!!" 23. "Hey!... who wants to come out and play?!!!" 24. "He's sniffing my butt again... isn't he?..." 25. "Yup!... I sniffed her butt!... and it smells greeeaaat!!!" 26. "I think I'm in love!!!!" 27. "I woof you!" "I woof you too darling!" 28. "... and this one is for forgeting it's Valentine's Day!!!!" 29. "Please forgive me!... I need a hug!!!!" 30. "Hey!... wait for me!... I've got something in my eye!... come back silly!!" 31. "Oh-oh!... it's coming down again... time for a nap!... that's all folks!!!" Hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them!!!! Sandy
  8. ... and so many people question why we rather have dogs than most friends!... hehehe!...
  9. Here I was, looking at the photos I've taken in the past few days, selecting which ones to post here, and in what order and I came accross this one!... WOW!... this photo of Shiloh shows a heart shaped snow flake !!!! I know it's coincidence, perhaps the way the light reflected at the moment I took the photo, I don't know... what I know is that this photo have not been retouched or photoshopped in any way!... I am going to print it an frame it!... and I hope you like it as much as I do!... our Shiloh exhudes love!!!!! Again, Happy Valentine's Day!
  10. Many more photos coming soon!!!
  11. GUESS WHAT???????????? NINA WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all for all your support!... Thank you for loving Nina and Shiloh so much! Sandy, Nina and Shiloh CLICK HERE TO READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!! [url="http://rachelsstudio.blogspot.com/2010/02/new-winner-of-photo-contest.html"]
  13. C'mon peeps!... 412 to 428.... we are behind! GO NINA GO!!!!!
  14. Hey!... don't mention it!... this is home for me and the kids!!!!
  15. Hey peeps! I heard the contest ends tomorrow.... if you can vote more than once, please keep on voting!!!!! Go Nina Go!!!!
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