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  1. We got our Siberian Husky, Sasha, 6 years ago. We had 2 schnauzers both 3 yrs old at the time when we got her at 9 weeks. She grew up with them. They played together so well. Suddenly at 5 yrs of age Sasha started having seizures. She was on meds to control seizures for about a year when she started biting the schnauzers on the head. She recently suddenly for no reason attacked and killed one of the schnauzers. We are devastated and heart broken. Any insight?
  2. Our Siberian Husky started having seizures at not quite 5 years old. She will be 6 in November. She takes medicine and we recently changed to different medicine. She has started what we think is reverse sneezing. Has never done before. Vet does not think it is related to meds change. Thoughts?
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