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  1. The results are in!! This is one of the puppy's (the one we are keeping's) family tree from Momma. Since we don't know what Daddy looked like, and the breeder we got our girl from said both of her parents were Siberian, I'm thinking Momma is the right side of the tree. Daddy I think is the left side. The "Breed Group(s)" notation is where they detect a combination/mix, which turns out to only be two Asian group breeds, Siberian Husky and Malamute. So I guess my question now is... does this mix make my puppy an Alaskan Husky or a Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamute mix since they don't have a third factor (german shorthair, klee kai, etc)? Still learning so excuse my ignorance. Of the Eight Pups (3 pure whites, 1 white with very faint copper coloring, 1 wolf gray, and 3 tri-colored/possibly sable?): - 1 is bi-eyed - 4 has blue eyes - 1 has a mixed pigment to his eyes, both blue and hazel - 2 have light brown eyes
  2. LOL, too funny! They have definitely been a huge hit with our family and friends. They are the best therapy amongst all this chaos and uncertainty.
  3. Will do! Wildly curious of the results. My other dog, Ahsoka, is Momma's (Mara Jade's) younger sister (they had the same father). They share the same spot/mark on their tails. (ignore the movie boxes, still unpacking)
  4. They're the cutest little things!! They are 5 weeks old today. The picture of Momma was when she was pregnant and only a week or so from dropping. We received Momma from a breeder after someone's mother returned her due to their son (the previous owner) going to jail. She's supposed to be full breed but not AKC registered. We are unsure of the puppies Daddy other than the previous owner having told the mother he was letting Momma "play" with his best friend's husky and she could be pregnant (back in Dec). I did just yesterday put a Wisdom Panel DNA sample of one of the puppies in the mail. That should hopefully tell us more asap. Here's Momma from the past few weeks.
  5. I have eight little husky puppies who will be finding homes in three weeks, but I have no clue what colors they are beyond white and people keep asking. I am assuming Wolf Gray or Sable?? Any suggestions from pros would be appreciated since we are not breeders and the puppies came unexpectedly with our adopted husky (she is full breed).
  6. The day after Christmas we adopted a beautiful 10 month old female Siberian Husky, Mara Jade. We found out soon after we got her however that she could possible pregnant (due to the previous owner breeding her with another husky). Well, in the early AM hours of Presidents Day, she brought eight beautiful pups into the world. Happy Birthdays to... Washington, Lincoln, Jackson, Eisenhower (Ike), and Jefferson (two white and three dark - unsure what coloring they are?) And Madison, Monroe, and Reagan (two white and one dark) Since we have never cared for puppies before, any and all advice is welcome! So far we are through the first few days since birth and all pups are keeping within the same weight gain ranges, even our little runt (Madison). However it has been rather hard to pin down exactly what weight a husky puppy should fit into online (medium or large breed) since my girls are within the top and bottom range of both (new husky owners as of Oct 1st 2019). As well, we have kept the whelping room (my walk-in closet) warm in the 80s, now in the 70s post three days old. So far all pups appear to be moving good, eating well, and crying little. Mama Mara is cleaning them and VERY protective. She will let me move them if they get behind her and distressed while she is trying to feed the bunch, but otherwise won't let anyone reach for or touch a puppy. All whelping box blanket changing and weighing has to be done while she is outside. She let's us pet her whil she is in the box, even showing belly for pets, but not her babies. I take it this is normal? When she we expect her to hopefully calm down and let handling to perform weigh-ins etc? Again, thank you everyone for anything you would like to offer in advice or suggestion. We want to ensure we maintain a healthy Mama and babies.
  7. Thanks, everyone! We are so excited and happy to join the pack. And oh my goodness, 2HuskyFun! What a beautiful baby you have! ♥️ We have definitely see her coloring change and will take your advice to take lots of pictures! Thank you!
  8. Hello, everyone! My husband, daughter and I are new husky owners as of a week ago! We have much to learn and I'm sure much adventure in store for us with our little husky puppy. :) Ahsoka is a very friendly, loving, playful, and quiet puppy thus far. She only playfully yaps at our cat Obi-Wan Katnobi in fun, and briefly when crated during the night. No barks, no whines, and no talking as of yet from our little girl. She is 10 weeks old today, is cream colored all over with a tarnish over coat, and blackish gray mask, ear tips and coloration down her back. Oh and a cute little spot on the top middle of her tail. We are curious to learn about her coloring (we don't know much about that) and her breed so that we can give her the best home and life she deserves. ♥️
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