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  1. Thanks, everyone! We are so excited and happy to join the pack. And oh my goodness, 2HuskyFun! What a beautiful baby you have! ♥️ We have definitely see her coloring change and will take your advice to take lots of pictures! Thank you!
  2. Hello, everyone! My husband, daughter and I are new husky owners as of a week ago! We have much to learn and I'm sure much adventure in store for us with our little husky puppy. :) Ahsoka is a very friendly, loving, playful, and quiet puppy thus far. She only playfully yaps at our cat Obi-Wan Katnobi in fun, and briefly when crated during the night. No barks, no whines, and no talking as of yet from our little girl. She is 10 weeks old today, is cream colored all over with a tarnish over coat, and blackish gray mask, ear tips and coloration down her back. Oh and a cute little spot on the top middle of her tail. We are curious to learn about her coloring (we don't know much about that) and her breed so that we can give her the best home and life she deserves. ♥️
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