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  1. Hello everyone, not been on this site much, but if there's anyone that could give me some advice, or share your knowledge with an amateur, it wouldn't be wasted! Sorry for the long post. I have a huskyxlab; I have a lot of experience with Labs, NONE with huskies, and my little hellhound definitely has many husky attributes! He's sixteen months old, and he came to us from another family at ten months. He was very mouthy at first, excitable, stubborn, all of that has settled down. On walks, when he meets other dogs he's a big, bouncy excitable dunce. Not sure what his previous owners did in terms of socialising him, but he showed a lot of signs of 'bad manners'. Not being able to read other dogs body language etc. The last month or so, he started stalking other dogs. He's always on leash so he can't get very far. Usually when he starts doing it I do a u-turn and go the opposite way. I'm currently working on 'watch me' and impulse control, but this is no where good enough to be able to walk him past another dog without him going crazy. With dogs he's familiar with, he's all play bows, tail wagging, very obvious 'I'M HERE! LETS PLAY!' behaviour. unfamiliar dogs, I'm not going to risk it yet. Today we were approaching a familiar dog that he was lright with. We got within a few feet and suddenly he started stalking, and then shot out of his harness and attacked the other dog. All teeth and growling. Fortunately there were no injuries, but I cannot let this happen again. If it weren't for him being so close when he dropped down to stalk, I would've hustled him in a different direction. I've never seen anything like it, and I'm at a loss for what to do next. If anyone has anything, I'd be extremely grateful.
  2. @Andy Please don't think I was condemning you! It was a slur on my part (I'm not a wordsmith), I meant I was amazed you'd recommend them as most people are either very, very reluctant to admit to using one (cba with having to defend themselves for example), or have only seen them used as a torture device like you said. All tools can be either good or bad depending on who is wielding them. To be pedantic, I think treats could be a negative; diabetes, obesity, skin disorders, eating disorders etc! (I'm using an ott example of course). Thanks for the link. Dh has been watching lot's of videos by Solid k9 in terms of prong collars etc. @2Huskyfun - firstly, what gorgeous dogs! I'm going to read through what you said (was too busy looking at the photos tbh lol), and will find the videos. Thanks for the help. Dh is will be firm with ours and will not feel guilty, be bothered by it at all. I feel guilty. And get walked over as a result. So I know it's on my part. My dog isn't 100% Husky. He is lab x husky. At first glance, it's very easy to think he's a Labrador. I had a lot of experience with them, and being honest, knew NOTHING about huskies up until about a week before we got him. In some ways he's lab, in other Husky, so it's hard to determine the best method to use. For me anyway. But I'm an amateur handler. I don't want you guys to think I'm having a crisis over this and be eye-rolling and 'this is why idiots shouldn't own dogs'. I'm just looking for some pointers!
  3. Thank you all for getting back to me. I am amazed you mentioned pronged/e-collars @Andy as there is so much controversy around them. Dh used a check chain on one of his boxers (this was in the '90s) and it was the only thing that stopped the pulling. My niece is a vet, and after she saw (and heard) ours on a walk, she actually advised us to get a check chain as it would do less damage in the long term than the collar he has right now. I just don't know if I can get my head around it because of the stigma! Yeah, leaving the house. Our porch is now known as the launch pad. Can you guess why? Dh can get him to 'Sit/wait' AND get through the door first. I have tried and tried, and still try, and I think I've achieved it twice. It's something I definitely, definitely want and need to improve. @BingBlaze n Skyla - Ours refuses treats on walks. His background is vague at best, but reading between the lines he spent the first 10 months locked in a kitchen seeing the outside world probably as many times. So I honestly think the walk IS the treat - nothing will beat it! To add a bit of context; last week he discovered rain for the first time. He's one year old! Are there any smelly treats you'd recommend, because I'm happy to try other things. He doesn't focus on me at all in general. If we're on our 'training run' (very boring area), he will check back on me. He's also very responsive to a clicker. However, on proper walks, we could be waving a roast chicken under his nose and he would be oblivious. @2Huskyfun - I've not actually tried taking a toy out, so this may work. He loves tug, and he only gets that toy on special occasions (he's very mouthy at times, so we use the rope as a distraction when he's having a mouthy moment). I could try this and it's easy for him to carry along? @Shepsky5 yeah that's the one! I should've googled it when writing the original post lol. I want to get us into canicross when he's older, not that that will help the pulling, but put it to good use, and expend some energy? @wolfpup oh no! Does the pulling not effect your husband as much?! Mine is a big burly guy that isn't effected by the pulling/wrapping lead around hands for better grip etc. Mine are cut to shreds, so he doesn't take it as seriously as me. But yeah, consistency is key! (make your dh pay for the training? take it out of beer/coffee fund?!) Thanks everyone... Feels pathetic moaning because y born-to-pull dog is pulling. At least I know I'm not alone!
  4. (If there's a similar thread, I haven't seen it -please delete mine if there is!) Shock, horror, my dog pulls. And it is like nothing I have ever experienced before. Who'd have thought a husky pulling? Anyway, at the moment we have a flat collar and standard leash. We do the 'stop/wait till he comes back into right position/ set off again' method of training. I also use a clicker when I can as he pays more attention to that. I'' try and explain the scenario as best I can (I'm not a wordsmith) - the first walk of the day really sets the tone for the rest of the day. There is absolutely no point in trying to do any training with him until he has had a really, really good walk. So the first walk, he drags me, and I'm just there for the ride. On our way home, I try and do the training I mentioned above. Throughout the day, I take him on little jaunts around the green, purely to reinforce the above training. The green is thoroughly boring, hardly any distractions and he's a very very goodboy! Someone suggested 'exhausting his prey drive' before walks. Could someone explain this to me? Do you do it? Works/doesn't? Is it game based - chasing something like those things you can buy on a stick? (can't remember the name right now) He did have a Dogmatic halti, and despite scarring his nose trying to get it off, he still pulled. He'd just walk on his hind legs/go sideways to do so. I'll let you picture that! Any help would be appreciated!
  5. hahaha, mine just whinges at me mostly. I met someone whos' husky goes 'yeah, yeah, yeah'. Pretty funny. Is it just me, or are huskies a bit... Weird? Lol, I mean it in the best way! They're lovable nutters.
  6. Ohhh I have noticed this. Usually at something he doesn't like. He barks as well which is weird, so we get a happy mixture of both. And the 'huffing'! @wolfpup this sounds like mine! It took a bit of guess-work to figure out what he wants, though to be fair it's usually a walk. Mines' a bit of an obnoxious teen at the moment - do you have any tips on surviving this?
  7. Haha, ok, so Recall - he has been let off once when I was having a brave day. We are now renting a secure enclosure for recall training. Burglars - he actually hates the local drug dealers (yeah, I live in one of those places), and curses at them whenever they walk past. Maybe not husky there then Fluff - we've invested in a good slicker brush jesus Christ the pulling - no dislocated shoulders, but broken fingers, YES. He likes birds. Even ones that are 30 feet in the air. staring - he does try to hypnotise me whenever he 'needs' a walk, which is apparently every 30 minutes. Buuuut, Labradors do this too! fetch - oh, mine will fetch! But he wont let me have it. Chase me, chase me He hasn't figured out an escape route yet! Yep, we've invested in babygates! I'm thinking my boy is relatively husky in personality - he throws some brilliant temper tantrums! Is that a husky thing?
  8. Yay, thank you! Don't be fooled, he is a hurricane on paws.
  9. I have a labxhusky which my family and I adopted a couple of months back. I have a lot of experience with Labradors, but Huskys' - total greenhorn! There are definitely some 'elements' of our boy that are unfamiliar territory to me! So, what would be your need-to-know info for a newbie like me? Can be silly, can be serious!
  10. Lovely dog. Who could not want her anymore?!
  11. Hi everyone! I'm not actually sure if I'm welcome here - I am owned by a dog, although he isn't 100% husky - he's a labradorxhusky. Labsky? I'm hoping you'll let me stay, as I'm keen to learn more and speak to other husky owners.
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