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  1. Thank you! You are right: Jasper is an absolute ham. He's SUPER talkative and opinionated. We live in the city, and out on walks people stop us all the time to admire him, and he always starts "aRooo-ing" while we are talking, because he wants to be in the conversation too. Heidi is fairly laid-back and calm (husky-calm, not regular dog calm). We have no idea what her history is. She's missing an upper canine tooth, but it doesn't bother her. We are pretty sure she was just left outside by whoever owned her previously. She was pretty under-socialized when we adopted her. At first the only "toy" she was interested in were rawhides and sticks. But eventually our other dog Ginger showed her about squeaky toys and balls, and now she LOVES them. She has been a great "mama" to Jasper too!
  2. Hello all, My husband and I have 2 huskies and another dog. We just bought a house with a huge yard and plan to move in another month. We want to use a large part of the yard as an outdoor dog run/enrichment area, and the first thing we need is a fence. I have been doing research for months, and I'd like to hear about experiences from husky owners. The good, the bad, and the ugly. What kind of fence did/do you have? What material, what height? What length & width? How much time do your huskies spend outside? When you are home? Not home? What was successful in your fencing? What did you think would work but did not? We are planning for 6 feet tall, plus a no-dig under barrier. Thoughts? Advice about materials: I've read that chain-link is easier to climb than wooden or metal pickets. What do you think? Thank you in advance for your advice!
  3. Hello All, I am the co-resident and supervisor of 2 huskies (does anyone ever "own" a husky, really?). I also have a two year old female pit bull/cattle dog mix named Ginger, but since this is a husky forum I won't focus on her. (Needless to say she is a Very Good Girl. Of course, our 2 huskies think that being good is for chumps). Heidi (F, spayed) will be 2 years old in February. She was a rescue from Alabama. My husband and I adopted her this past winter. She is affable and full of joy and mischief. Apparently my husband and I like dog hair and chaos, because about a month ago we came home with Jasper (M, intact--for now), who is 4 months old and just as rascally and adorable as they come. I'm very glad to have found this forum, because I'm looking for advice and experiences from husky owners about a couple of different topics. I'll make posts about those in the appropriate topic area. For now, thank you for having me!
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