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  1. Tasha4528


    My husky pup is 4 months old in a couple days (we guess as she was a rescue and we got her at 5weeks possibly less the vets think). She already weighs 15kg/33lbs she’s not overweight the vets said her body proportions are pretty much perfect, but does this mean she’s going to be a big husky? IMG_0575.MP4
  2. My terrier is the biggest softy he walks round the room when she’s in the middle to avoid getting bitten. The cats are sticking up though and I’ll definitely give it a shot thank you. We had a friend that found out gypsies had a female husky that had given birth but the mum ran away so they were selling underage puppies for profit and got one but had no experience with dogs and knew we had experience so gave her to us and as there was someone who could look after her and she wasn’t ill the rspca didn’t feel the need to take her into care so she’s now with our family. And thank you she really is beautiful. Thank you for your reply I’ll definitely give it a shot and see how it goes
  3. The only bad behaviour she really has is she likes to bite any advice on how to stop that?
  4. Hi my names Tasha and I’m a first time husky owner her name is Luna and she’s 6 weeks old she’s a rescue as her mother ran away and the owners abandoned Luna. We got her last Friday when she was 5 weeks old. We also have a Border Terrier and 5 cats. Luna loves chasing round the cats and dogs and nipping them which we’re trying to nip in the bud as early as possible. Here’s some pictures of her 😁 849B5B83-44A1-4EDF-BD73-DFDF09FDAB1D.MP4
  5. Tasha4528


    We have a rescue 6 week old husky puppy, her mother had ran away and the owners had abandoned her, we got her last Friday and she’s put on 700g since we got her she’s gone from 1.6kilos to 2.3kilos. We got her when she was 5 weeks and now she’s 6 so is 2.3 kilos a healthy weight for a 6 week old little girl?
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