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  1. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the help with the hand biting. Loki is now 9 months old, he has been eating TLC puppy food since we got him. He does well on that, good large stools although a bit loose and he goes usually twice in the morning, once at lunch and once after dinner. I was thinking about keeping him on the TLC dog food but it is expensive (not that that is an issue). I was wondering what everyone thought as to a good dry food to give him, we are not a big fan of the wet food. Thank You in Advance Tom S
  2. Hi Everyone, Thanks for the comments. This issue was bad for us, mainly my wife and daughter. Loki has mostly always been civil with me, I had to contact a trainer that was a friend of a friend. We ended up using a spray bottle (soap and water) and a verbal command "NO!", this has worked wonders. I am not sure I could bite him though even if he has very cute ears ! Thanks Again and I hope this the end of this problem, on to the next ! Thanks for the compliment PPamar1993, he is a handsome young man
  3. Hi Everyoe, Loki is a 9 month old huski from philly. He is our 3rd dog, first husky and I hope to get some valuable tips from this site. Tom S Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Husky Owners mobile app
  4. Hi Wolfpup, Loki was 8 weeks old when we adopted him. He had to stay with mom until he was 8 weeks old under pa state law.
  5. Hello, My Husky Loki is a 9 month old neutered male. He is for the most part as well behaved as husky can be. He is apt to eat most anything, and pulls on the leash sometimes. He is our first husky and can be a handful at times. I do get they have a distinct pecking order and it is evident in Loki's behavior. For the most part he will not bother with me, other than to say hello or interact when playing. Once the wife or daughter are around it seems he becomes different. He definitely asserts him self and I get the dominance thing, but he does bite Not hard but annoying) and mouth their hands. He will also start mouthing my hands when he goes into this mode. He only does it to me when others are around. He for the most part will not bother me, he will also jump up on people intermittently. I was wondering what the best way to stop the mouthing and hand biting. We have tried the assertive "no" verbal command and remove ourselves from the room when he is acting up. We were also thinking about an assertive choke collar to help get his attention when he is in wild mode. I appreciate any thought or insights as to what the best way would be to curb hi enthusiasm. Thaks in advance, Tom S
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