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  1. Thank you both for your input, you have given me some really good insight into how to manage Oscar until he can learn to be gentle with smaller dogs. He is currently doing great with my 13 lb. Alaskan Klee Kai, very gently with her when he plays in the house, so I think he has accepted her as the alpha. Outside I put him on a long lead so that he can run with her but not close in. They both seem to like that time together a lot so things are really looking up. He starts obedience class next Monday and already knows sit, stay, and wait so we are making progress. No more dog parks from here on out, which is fine because my fenced in yard is big enough that he can sprint and get his energy out. I will post updates as they come and may have more questions for you both. Thanks again.
  2. Hi Everybody, This summer I rescued my second sibe. My first sibe had all the usual husky traits: he would bolt out an open door, slipped our fence, killed rabbits in our back yard, pulled on the leash; and he was a wonderful boy who I camped with, hiked with, ran with, and loved for 12 amazing years. Training helped him a ton and he aged like a fine wine. So now I am on my second boy, a husky mix whom I named Oscar. Oscar has been perfect in the first two weeks, he listens when I tell him "off", he is calm in the house, walks very well on a leash, goes for runs with me in the park, and gets along with our 2 year old Alaskan Klee Kai, in the house... in the yard is a different story. He rough houses and scares my little girl and even pinned her down once, so no more backyard off the leash until he learns to be gentle. So yesterday I made a huge mistake and took him to our local dog park. I only did this because the woman I rescued him through had him living with her five house huskies and said he was sweet as can be with them and accepted them all. So I thought, okay he's socialized, let him run a little in the park with the other dogs. Big mistake. He was fine the first five minutes and then a pit bull started rough housing with him and he got wound up and ended up chasing down and biting a small female beagle for no apparent reason. He left a small puncture wound and the owner and I exchanged contact info after I apologized profusely. She called me later to tell me her dog was fine and she was able to put in two staples to close the puncture (she was a vet tech). So now I am worried and could use some advice since I never had this issue with my first husky, he loved everybody and every dog. Oscar is only 19 months old so I think it was too much too soon, but I could use some advice on how to make sure this doesn't happen again, other than obviously avoiding the dog park. This looks like prey drive to me since he was fine with the bigger dogs in the park and went after a much smaller dog, giving chase and grabbing her by the neck. I take my dogs everywhere with me so I need to be able to trust him. Any advice is appreciated.
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