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  1. Hi! I am wondering will my puppys eyes change to full blue or brown? She has half blue and half brown in one eye its pretty cool looking right now
  2. My words were little wrong there, I don't mean normal walks more like figuring out the world with her, she being the lead. Thanks for advice very helpful!
  3. Hai! Today I met my friend out with his labrador mix dog, and the puppy was afraid. She didn't really freak out but was scared for sure, tail was bewteen legs too and she started to pull backwards from the labrador which is probably normal for a 8 week old puppy. Whats a good way to introduce her to other dogs without shocking her? Should I carry her and let the other dog first smell her and then try? I've had her only 2 days is it too early to socialize?
  4. TBE


    Hi! I'm a 24 years old software developer from Finland, I received my puppy Luna 1 day ago. She is now 8 weeks old. I had a welsh corgi pembroke & labrador before when I were younger and lived at parents. You will probably see me around asking questions about training a husky. Sleeping after eating and playing
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