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  1. WooWoo

    New member

    Thank you so much for this excellent information!!
  2. I tried veggies and she looked at me like I was crazy. I know a lot of her extra calories were from the treats so I cut them out. Could you recommend a good senior food?
  3. WooWoo

    New member

    Thanks! She’s world! Zoe’s only oily on her rear parts and legs. The rest of her skin is on the dry side as well
  4. I’ve been feeding her halo kibble. I tried the frozen raw food once before and she absolutely refused to eat it. I believe it was primal brand. Which raw food do you recommend and how much Should i give her. She walks about 3 miles a day. Sometimes it’s at a brisk pace and other times it’s pretty slow. It really depends on if her arthritis is acting up
  5. WooWoo

    New member

    Zoe has had some skin issues. In the summer she gets a really yeasty smell and the fur behind her back legs becomes more oily and it’s almost impossible to get the dead undercoat out. The vet just gave me a medicated shampoo ( phytovet CK). It seemed to get a lot of the greasiness out and she smells better but I was wondering if anyone had advise on how to prevent this. She does like to go swimming and I have a professional forced air dryer I use after she gets wet. I typically only use shampoo 2 a year bc I was told it’s Not good to over bathe huskies. I do give her water baths when she gets really dirty. Any suggestions?
  6. Hi everyone! I’m new here. I have a giant female husky names Zoe who’s 7.5 years old. I stumbled across this site while looking for grooming recommendations and diet advice.
  7. I have a 7.5 year old female husky. About 6 months ago her exercise level significantly decreased bc of arthritis in her front shoulder. Unfortunately she put on a significant amount of weight before I could get her to want to go for out for our daily long walks. Zoe’s actually a really large female. Her bone structure is larger than any male husky I have seen. Right now she’s a whopping 106 and our vet wants to get her down to 85-90 lbs. Would anyone recommend that I feed her based on a typical female husky or feed her the amount recommended for a dog that is 85 lbs?
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