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    My little lover
  2. Hi my husky is so smart it’s almost as tho she’s a human stuck in a dogs body we have had her for 3 years got her when she was one she ate our bathtub plan bathroom floor and pees everywhere we lived on a farm when we got her and are now in town she has a brother who is a pitty they get along great we have been at the new place for a year or more and she’s great with my kids but..... her attitude is incredibly rude somedays she is the biggest cuddle bug but when she is mad she is mad she’s my first husky and I’m still having issues with her going to the bathroom in the house she could be out all day and will come in and pee or poop she will even go in her kennel but then grumbles at me to clean it she nvr howls which I hate I wish she would do it more.. she runs away ( she actually watch’s me open the gate or watches for weak spots and gets out) she literally pulled a fence down slowly so we wouldn’t notice over a weeks time to get out and she will try to play when we go to catch her most times we need a vehicle to truck her she is so beautiful that I worry someone will take her someone please help me with obedience and this bI**h that I love so much ps she won’t go out when it’s wet outside I have to actually drag her out of the kennel and down the back steps and she will pee on my deck the princess
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