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  1. Did try other stuff kelly. Thank you i know my dogs lol
  2. Mine no meats just the meats in the wet food or w/e.
  3. I feed them Purina Beneful for puppies they are not gonna wanna eat something else.
  4. thank you Rosemary:rolleyes: Did wash her after the pictures lol.
  5. The peanut better and baby food are minimal, It's only for the Oder.
  6. Did ask my vet about it before , He did tell me all this information thank you.
  7. Wet food is much more $$ then baby food.
  8. here's my dog's today the pics are blank &white because i need to wash my female lol and the pictures look better in blank and white.
  9. Here's some tips,If your dog is a choosy/ Difficult eater like mine I was putting some peanut better on Indigo's food because he did not wanna eat at all but know am putting baby food( Chicken mix). it's healthy so it's a plus.
  10. Yes they are multiple group's for husky am french so i like the ''AMQ'' http://www.mushing-quebec.org/ Musher association of Quebec. Ps Yes we will keep in touch for sure. YES i've been in Ottawa for 7-10years and 7moths in Rockland, See i don't drive yet so rockland is a bit undiscovered for now:D
  11. We live on County rd 17 near Roxanne's flowers.
  12. Is one of your husky named Bailey? Because mine also but no E just Baily.
  13. Here's some of mines
  14. We don't see the killings but sorry.
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