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  1. ice

    some people :(

    over the past few months i have mentioned to different people that i own huskies and i am quite shocked at the ammount of people that think huskies are dangerous dogs that attack people and other dogs, it is really quite sad because these lovely dogs are so soft and loving why do you guys think these people think huskies are so bad?
  2. well i took bear an meika to ring craft last night they arnt even use to the lead yet as they havent been out much, they get that much exercise at home running around with the others. anyway, i cant get over how well they did, tey was brill, they both stood really good in the stand possition and never flinched when the trainer run there hands over them, they even got to look at there teeth then when it came to walking on the mat, i couldnt have wished for better, they free run brill, didnt have to string them up at all the trainer commented at the end on how well they both did for such young pups, cant wait till next week, match night
  3. we are going to a fun dog show on saturday, not sure how many of the 6 dogs we are taking yet
  4. ice

    please vote for ice

    thanks guys im not sure nix
  5. i have entered ice into a competition, can you all please vote for her here she is http://www.mypetsuperstar.com/gallery.aspx?id=1771&p=14&c=
  6. out of my litter of pups 5 were short haired and bear was long haired, he was the runt of the litter, the smallest and the one i had to hand rear because he was that weak and we didnt think he was going to make it untill he was at least 4 weeks old, he is now the best looking (to us of course) out of the litter, we love his long wooly coat, it is very soft and fly away, needless to say, he is always wet and dirty in the garden he might be a fault in the show ring but he is our baby, needless to say he is staying with us very poor pic but you can kinda tell he is fluffy
  7. open mouth and place to back of throat, then hold mouth closed for a couple of seconds, job done
  8. what your pup is doing is normal, pups cant hold or control when they need to wee or poop, they get the urge and then have to do it, i have 3 12week old pups here with me and dispite them being out side most of the day with the older dogs they still come in the house and wee or poop within 5 mins as for him following you, this as all normal aswell, he is wanting to see where you are going and what you are up to and if anything is on offer lol its the same with none furry children
  9. ice

    Pedigree Papers ?

    not seen a pedigree written out like that, all mine are printed on a3 size paper from the kennel club
  10. only view this if you can stomach it, this is very sad and desterbing they really is some sick f****rs around! ***link removed by mod***
  11. we bought our first dish washer yesterday, not sure what we need for it yet but im sure we need them its not plumbed in yet though
  12. my fella finishes work at that time every night so i know people are around at that time of night, and most of the time he is on his motorbike
  13. hi welcome to the site,cant wait to see some piccies, any questions then ask away, we are all a very friendly bunch
  14. nope he doesnt, or doesnt want to, because it was at 4am it doesnt matter because there wouldnt be anyone else around tw@ts
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