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  1. Thank you , I did not know . I guess that’s why he doesn’t like to go outside very much .
  2. Hey guys , I recently purchased a puppy husky , I have had him for about a week now . He’s only 10 weeks old & he does not like going on walks . I have done a lot of research on huskys and to my understanding they are energetic dogs and need a lot of exercise. The first few days Whenever I try to put his collar and leash he would just lay down instantly and would not want to go outside . I would carry him the first few days because I thought he just was not comfortable with me since he was shy at home as well. But now he always plays in doors only . I bought him a different collar and leash in case it was because of that. & he still refuses to go outside . I carry him outside and he refuses to even walk when outside . He would just lay there . No matter where I take him. I feel like I’m doing something wrong . Pleaseee any advice or if anybody can tell me what’s wrong .
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