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  1. Wow such a huge change for you both. They both look beautiful. Thank you for sharing !! @2Huskyfun @wolfpup I never realized their coat changes were so drastic.
  2. Hi there! I am new here. I recently got my own little huskeroo and I have been dealing with the most stubborn and beautiful girl. Her name is Lotus and she was born on April 24th 2019. I thought I would try this forum out and see if I can find any tips and tricks for dealing with her little stubborn self. Thanks for reading
  3. Hi there, I have a 4 month old or so husky puppy. The day I picked her up she was brown in color. I thought she might actually be a brown husky in the future. She has changed color a ton and I’m curious, what color even is she? I love her regardless of her color, but I am definitely wondering if she’s going to keep her facial markings? Has anyone else had any drastic changes in their huskies fur? What color would she be considered now? I provided a ton of pictures of her with her coloring from about a month ago and the darker images are of her coloring now.
  4. I am going to be posting in a few areas regarding her as I have a few new husky owner questions. This first one will be regarding her behavioral issues, I would love to keep working on these behaviors, she can be a very stubborn little girl. The issues I currently have at home start with her general jumping puppy behaviors. I get very nervous letting her play with other dogs as she can be quite annoying and nippy with them I’m worried she’s going to get herself bit and I’m not sure how to correct that behavior when she’s playing, I assume she will need more time, but nothings I do seems to keep her spazzy-ness together. She is extremely stubborn and mouthy. She will happily sit on command, but when asked to lay down she will stubbornly bark at you aggressively (over and over and over) in which is a more SQWAK like behavior as she is very high pitched unless she is making her gremlin sounds. She now provides her “paw” for every command which I’m also not sure how to correct but it’s cute and isn’t necessarily a bad thing. She is potty trained with only a few places in the home but I can’t trust her to not go anywhere else in the home. She will not go in my bedroom or in the crate, her bed is in my room however and she has peed on it twice in the matter of the time being here. I am also trying to correct her jumping on the furniture without permission, but the husky breed is very stubborn so I am having a bit of trouble. She pummels and try’s to kill the cats, so I haven’t really been able to have them in the same room. I’m not sure how to correct this and I’m worried about the dog biting the cats. Lastly, the human biting. She is extremely mouthy and it’s driving me crazy. Toy redirection is just not cutting it. Luckily she hasn’t chewed up too many things inside the home, but I really want her to stop biting my hands. I am not expecting these behaviors to be gone anytime soon as she is little still, but I definitely would like some advice in how successful husky owners have fixed these behaviors so I can try some new methods of correcting her. Thanks !
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