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  1. He just turned 4months yesterday. I’m not sure what to do now to be honest.
  2. Hello everyone! My pup Pocholo is fine with people, he isn’t aggressive at all but he is absolutely terrified of other dogs. Especially the ones barking at him. When we go on walks and spots another dog, he just stops walking, goes behind me. I really want to enjoy going for walks but it’s really hard when he stops every 10sec. What can i do??? Help me please.
  3. Hello everyone! My pup Pocholo just finished his assessment for basic training. The trainer observed for a little bit and interacted with Pocholo. Afterwards he told us that just as suspected. My pup is not highly motivated. He was given treats, toys, you name it. Unfortunately, he loses interest so fast. He said that it’s not impossible to train but if he would give a percentage of how much he could train him, he said 50%. He also mentioned that, he’s worked with copper huskies before and same issues. Not highly motivated. Is this true???
  4. Thank you so much for responding! I really appreciate it. I’m sure I will have more questions. Hopefully you can help me out again some other time. Thanks so much everyone!
  5. My name is Sitti. I’m new here. Also, a new owner of a 3month old husky named Pocholo. He is my first pet. I don’t know much about dogs, I did and still do a bit of research though and what ive been reading is making me terrified for years to come because people have been saying that huskies are quite much. I’ve got a few questions, 1. Is it normal that they are erect at this age? Ive noticed that whenever he is erect, he goes absolutely ballistic. Biting things around the house, jumping up and down. Absolutely driving the family crazy. Any tips that can help? 2. When is the best time to get him trained? 3. How many times in a day should he exercise and how many minutes or hours? 4. Any tips about the play biting? We got him when he was 2months old and from ive read, play biting is inevitable at this time because he is teething. If so, any tips that we can do to lessen it? 5. When does the play biting end?
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