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  1. Hi everyone. I am glad I have found this site. I need some help on my Sibe, we’ve had him only 2 weeks, he left his mum at the rightful age of 8 weeks and went to live with a family for 6 weeks who unfortunately realised they did not have the time for him with 2 small children. ( it’s unknown to me how they did not think this through but there you go ...) as I get to know Loki, I find him rather odd politely speaking. He has had an upset tummy and is currently having rice and boiled chicken 3 times daily but his moods are almost bipolar. Today he is worrying me as not stopped sleeping and doesn’t want to go for a walk!is this a sibe trait? Or should I be worried? He has his moments don’t get me wrong and has been playful but not like a normal 4 month puppy. I feel like he hates me or hates it here with us 😞 any advice is appreciated!
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