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  1. Hello ! My partner and I just got a husky puppy a week ago and we are loving it ! I have attached a picture of her too. She is 9 weeks old as of now. I had a few concerns regarding her diet and behaviour:- She eats too fast !!! If I put 120grams of Hills Science Diet Puppy Large Breed she eats it very quickly, within 5 minutes and the bowl is sparkling clean. Is this a problem? Two times since we got her home which is around a week, she got hyperactive and snapped at me. I do not know why, probably hungry? I reduced the quantity of food (to around 100grams of food per meal) that I feed her regularly and she snapped in the evening when she was hyperactive. Can this be related the amount of food? Should I change the puppy food? Or should I take her for a longer walk to get her more exercised? Thank you for your help in advance. Nandish
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