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  1. So, I was in the kitchen cooking today, and I accidentally dropped a Dale's seasoning cap on the floor. As soon as it fell I went to pick it up and Loki snatched it up and it was gone. I took him to the vet they didn't want to induce vomiting or xrays today. They said to keep an eye on him tonight, and tomorrow. If he doesn't pass it I have to take him back Friday morning. For some reason everytime he has something that he's not suppose to have he swallows it whole. I am hoping and praying that he will pass this very soon and all will be good. Has anyone had experience with this?


    We have been slowly working with him on crate training. I have left him in the house a couple of times by himself if I had to run a quick errand. He has done very well. I have moved his crate from our study room to our bedroom and it has made a difference. Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment, so he was in his crate for about 2 hours. I felt bad. For the first time I didn't hear him crying and howling when I got out of the car. When he was crated in the study room he was howling and crying, which was making our other 2 dogs do the same. I think they were all stressing each other out. I have been staying with him in the livingroom at night so, everyone else in the house could sleep, but I gave up last night. I sat the alarm on my phone for every 2 hours so I could get up to see what he was doing. He was asleep each time I checked on him. When he woke up during the night he came into our room whimpering because he was looking for someone. I took him outside each time, went back to bed, woke up this morning and no accidents. So, maybe we are making some progress.


    When we picked up Loki we were told that we could trace him back to Togo. When we received his AKC papers in the mail today , I started researching from Loki's AKC paper and Togo was 24 litters ago on Loki's Dad's side. We have had Loki for 9 days now. The first week was alot of adjusting having a puppy in the house and it made for a rough week. This second week is going much better, and he acts like he is more comfortable with us now. Husky's are no doubt everything we were told, smart and stubborn. He has been doing a very good job going to the backdoor to be let out, and he has thrown a couple of temper tantrums. Lol. He has a big personality, and howl for a 7 week old puppy. It's taking about 30 min after we get home to calm him down after he is crated. If anyone has any suggestions as to what we can do to help him be ok while we are gone please let us know. We are leaving him long enough to run errands, dr appointments, etc. The longest he has been left at one time was about 1 1/2 hours. Thanks
  4. Thank -you! We were told to use his regular food for treats until then.
  5. Hello! I did a screenshot pic in gallery not realizing that it was going to show the name of my vet. I tried to find a way to delete the post not knowing if I broke any rules, but I couldn't figure out how to delete the post. 

  6. I was wondering if anyone could give us any information about dog treats for Loki. We were told not to give him any dog treats until he is 4 months old due to puppies digestive systems. I have always given my puppies treats, but have never had a husky. Would any of you give a 6 week old puppy dog treats? Loki is doing very well so far when it comes to house breaking. He hasn't used the bathroom in his kenneling area and has been scratching at the door when he needs to go outside. I feel like we should be rewarding him with treats instead of just telling him that he's a good boy. However, we don't want to start giving him treats too soon.
  7. Thank-you! He's a handful. Lol.
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