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  1. This week we moved him onto wilkos own puppy kibble I didn't have very high hopes. I gave him a stool firmer which was packed full of the nutrients he needed that he may not get from the kibble, he also had some chicken last night as a treat, but finally he's had a solid poop! I got way too excited. I even ran across the garden to double check! Now to see if it stays that way! If it doesnim going to keep him on this for a couple weeks help him build back up and then slowly introduce a few more treats like the fish etc. Thanks everyone for the help
  2. Yeah I'm trying a new diet food for a few months now so it's more consistent as I was swapping too often in the beginning I think. I'll see how that goes first then will look at a different one. Have been replacing nutrients though as I had a feeling he wasn't keeping the nutrients. He's gaining at a very healthy rate though he's 14.2kg last vet visit!
  3. Iv done the vets they haven't found anything really. He has biscuits down all day but only eats them in bursts about 2 or 3 times a day. We have other dogs here not husky who were too used to having biscuits down. He's stopped touching there's. I took out the treats for training and used a puppy kibble also for that so he wasn't eating too many treats. He's on a food that feeds him nutrients and we are trying the stool firmers containing the extra nutrients. If this doesn't work I will try this new liquid I saw. I'm sure the rice was a big issue and possibly chicken. I think I will keep trying the trial and error. Obviously if things get bad I'll have to go back to vets but in the mean time I guess trial and error as you said! And yes it's very frustrating having to hose the garden down and clean it up is disgusting compared to the solid dogs!
  4. Ok headS up some of this is gross! So I got my Siberian husky when he was 8 weeks old his name is Dexter. Since day one of having him he has had constant runny stools! I think he has had maybe 3 firm poops in the whole time Iv had him he is nearly 16 weeks old. Iv had numerous vets visits which are costing me a fortune but not actually fixing the problem! He was originally on his puppy food I introduced a different one slowly to see if that helped him. It didn't. TheN we tried chicken that didn't work. Tried chicken and rice that didn't work. Tried grain free that didn't work. Tried the gastro food that didn't work. Vet gave him pro kolin that didn't work. So I did his chicken and rice once more but did too much rice and his stools literally went to water. He was crying and being sick so I took him to the Vets instantly. She said try switching him back to the dry puppy kibble and she gave me a higher dose of pro kolin which she said may make him Constipated and she gave him some injection to stop the vomiting and pain. Well she gave me 3 days worth of this pro-kolin. It's changed colour so it's not so watery but it's still awfully runny. He was eating some of the grown up dogs food which we stopped and he's been on consistent food for a while now but still nothing. Stool firming tablets haven't worked...he drinks plenty of water he's his usual back chatting stubborn cheeky energetic self! He eats just fine and not being sick or crying or anything? He's gaining weight perfectly. There's nothing wrong with him health wise. He had his stool sample tested when we first went to the vet about it and it came back with colitis to which she gave him anti biotic but again nothing changed, and she said there was nothing else wrong with him. He's been wormed and had flea treatment regularly. I'm just at a loss of what to do.
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