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  1. Thank you for this input, however I was not concerned about her killing sheep !!!. I wanted to know where to get a really long lead.
  2. If anyone is in the Norwich area, look up Puppy paddocks. It's a 2 acres site that is fully enclosed and it's only your dog/ dogs there for any booking slot. I just took my 9 month old there, who loved being able to run free. And I loved that she was safe and secure too. Hope this helps you Ps. Where can I get a really really lead? Jon
  3. Hi all. I'm Jon, I just adopted a 9 month old Husky just over a week and half ago. She is a beautiful girl, and full of energy...sometimes. I have an issue in that today she developed diarrhoea, and is not really eating her dry food.working dog from pets at home. We have been giving her a third of a tin of pedigree chum mixed in to make her new food more tasty, but she only eats the tinned food, and leave her dry biscuits. If anyone can help I'd love to hear from you. She is going to become my assistance dog, so she is very important to me and the family. We love her loads and She gives great cuddles, so I'm sad when she is feeling like this.
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