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  1. Unfortunately, the owner of the dog is moving this weekend (absurd to me that they didn't find a home for this good boy yet). After discussing it further, we decided we would take the new dog in and do our best to make our schedules work with his needs. He got along pretty well with our current dog when we introduced them and even when we brought him into our home with our current dog. We are considering doggy day care a few days a week for him so he won't be stuck in the crate for long hours every day. Our back yard has a short fence, only 4 ft. I would never assume that is safe for eith
  2. Hello All! Let me start off by saying, I have never owned a Siberian Husky before. I've owned dogs all my life but only labs, spaniels, mixes, and my current dog who is a hound mix (we think maybe Plott hound mixed with grey hound or Great Dane). Recently, a friend of a friend who owned 3 Huskies had to transfer to another state for their job. For whatever reason, they can only bring 2 of the 3 dogs (seemed unusual to me). Some background on the Husky: he is about 15 months old, hasn't been neutered, was purchased from a breeder in Florida when he was a puppy, and his name is Axel. H
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