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  1. Unfortunately, the owner of the dog is moving this weekend (absurd to me that they didn't find a home for this good boy yet). After discussing it further, we decided we would take the new dog in and do our best to make our schedules work with his needs. He got along pretty well with our current dog when we introduced them and even when we brought him into our home with our current dog. We are considering doggy day care a few days a week for him so he won't be stuck in the crate for long hours every day. Our back yard has a short fence, only 4 ft. I would never assume that is safe for either dog. I've always walked my current dog whenever he needed to go outside, always once in the morning, once when I get home, and once before bed (sometimes more). Making more time for walks shouldn't be a problem and its a sacrifice we're willing to make. We have a nice park nearby that I let him off leash sometimes, but from what I've read, you should never let a husky off leash. The ULTIMATE goal would be to allow the husky to have free roam of the house along with our current dog while we are at work. We are thinking of setting up a camera and leaving him alone for short periods of time and monitoring his actions. Over time we would increase these time periods that we are gone and see how he handles it. If it doesn't work out and he becomes destructive, than we will find another solution. Thanks for your input! I'm sure we are in for a rude awakening.....
  2. Hello All! Let me start off by saying, I have never owned a Siberian Husky before. I've owned dogs all my life but only labs, spaniels, mixes, and my current dog who is a hound mix (we think maybe Plott hound mixed with grey hound or Great Dane). Recently, a friend of a friend who owned 3 Huskies had to transfer to another state for their job. For whatever reason, they can only bring 2 of the 3 dogs (seemed unusual to me). Some background on the Husky: he is about 15 months old, hasn't been neutered, was purchased from a breeder in Florida when he was a puppy, and his name is Axel. He is a beautiful dog and is very friendly. My girlfriend and I were asked if we would be interesting in adopting the dog and we are trying to decide if we are a good fit for the Husky or not. I've been doing a ton of research regarding Huskies and the only thing I've learned is that, no matter how much you think you know about them, they always require way more commitment than you are expecting. I am OK with this part. I understand they require a ton of exercise. I currently walk my dog now 45-60 mins per day. My main concern is that both my girlfriend and I work all day, and the husky would be required to be home without any humans from around 830 AM to 530-600 PM during the week. Our current dog has adjusted to our schedule and does fine with free roam of the house all day while we are gone (he mostly just sleeps the whole time). The husky is supposedly crate trained already, and we would look to continue this. I'm worried that this is too long for the husky to be alone, and will it lead to negative behavior due to his loneliness. Has anyone had a similar circumstance where they could share their experience? Does anyone have one dog crated and the other roam free during the day? We have already introduced our dog to the husky and they got along well, minus some dominance while feeding them. I'm not so much worried that we will have an issue adjusting to the husky as much as I am worried about us being the right home for him. We don't want to react emotionally and adopt a dog that is not a good fit for our work schedule when he would be much happier in a home that can give him the attention he requires. But if we do not take him in, then he will end up being taken to a shelter and hopefully will find his forever home while in their care. I'm new to this forum so I apologize if I left out any information or submitted this in the wrong topic. See the attached photo of the handsome boy!
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