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  1. Upon reading some of the other forum posts on here I've noticed some identical behaviors in my dog that also describe a pregnant dog. she's losing hair on her belly developing teets and nesting, is always super clingy and its gotten worse as of late. Can anyone tell me what exactly phantom pregnancy is and/ or are these hormonal effects of Skyy still being fully intact at her age (almost four years old), and never having a liter? help oh yeah also... HIII IM SARAH THIS IS MY INTRODUCTION ... story about Skyy and I: Hi, I'm Sarah, first time husky owner located on the south shore of Massachusetts. my husky is Skyy Blue I acquired her from a private seller in fitchburg Massachusetts, where she was still with her mom and dad husky. The woman just simply couldn't handle all three dog, four kids, in her sisters home, newly moved and post divorce. The day that I met Skyy she had escaped out the front door after I pulled in front of the home, before I even got out of my truck. Upon opening my door, I saw, sitting that a husky about a year and a half was patiently waiting for me to open and exit my vehicle. she wast the most beautiful all white husky with two blue eyes. She howled with excitement. Almost like she already knew that she would be coming back with me.This was to be my best friend. When I followed the dog and the woman back inside her house the woman asked me if I wanted to meet the parents (she had them crated in a separate part of the house out of concern I wouldn't be able to handle them all at once.) I assured her I always grew up with many dogs and it was fine, so she proceeded to let them out. Boy did Skyy's mom and dad have a few questions for me! mom gave me a once over barking and yipping at Skyy to stay back while she sniffed my feet and checked out my scent. Then dad proceeded to circle me and glare majestically before giving a big sigh and then a huff and taking a seat. Skyy was barking.... the entire time... and we all went into the back yard where the woman had a porch that had a separate entrance by gate that I could spend some time with sky alone in. Well protective husky mom didn't like that idea. While I was in the pen with Skyy her mom proceeded to yelp yelp yelp at dad who, annoyed, raised his paw and with one swoop knocked the latch and Rolled his eyes. In mom came with dad lumbering behind her. The woman, a little embarrassed but lacking a surprised expression like the one on my face, said "oh.... she tells him to open the gate or doors or whatever so they can all get in. they're smart....eh hmmm." Impressed and a bit fearful of what genes my dog may have inherited, but still even more so in love, I asked the woman if she would be willing to hold skyy for me. I was coming into some money but the check would need some time to clear. she said of course but made it clear if someone else showed up with the money she would have to let skyy go to them. understanding fully that she was a first come first serve money talks re-homing situation. I got in my truck and almost pulled away. The woman was on her way to work and I was watching her exit her home and cross the driveway to her vehicle. I glanced down at my wallet resting in the center console and on a whim and out of complete understanding that Skyy was an absolutely awesome pup and anyone else would scoop her up in a heart beat. Even though I needed the hundred dollars for something else at the time, I proceeded to grab the five twenty dollar bills from my wallet, and raced out of my vehicle to catch the woman before she departed. "Excuse me." I said. "I really want this dog, would you be willing to accept a partial deposit of $100 dollars and I can come back in a week with the rest when my check clears? $100 now to guarantee me skyy?" she smiled... and said yes. a week later Skyy and I drove out of fitchburg to her new forever home in Weymouth where we would begin many adventures, and still have more to start.
  2. How I found this forum, and why I joined... Hey there, My names Sarah and this is my husky Skyy Blue and I. I found this forum just searching for husky communities on google. I signed up because recently Skyy has been having some issues.... with her skin, I think she still has a yeast infection I thought we completely kicked but recently she's been losing massive amounts of fur and compulsively licking chewing and scratching which I can't figure out if its her severe seperation anxiety becoming worse(if that's even possible)or if she has a new issue or the prior yeast infection I have an appointment scheduled with my vet but in the meantime I'm looking for any and all input from other husky owners weather it be a quick remedy to help her stop itching or opinions on whether or not to shave her. I think it would be fun to socialize her with other husky in my area. I have a chocolate lab mix as well (male) but sky tends to beat him up a bit to rough poor dog he try but just can't compete with her energetic super dominant female personality. he usually gets overwhelmed and runs away after a bout of play. looking for tips to curb her aggression when it comes to other dogs and HER humans. my boyfriend and I have noticed a bad habit of Skyy and at first this only happened with me. if another dog(including the chocolate lab) approached me with any sort of curiosity, playfulness, or sometimes just walking by/around me and sky is in the vicinity shell immediately attack and start a fight. I've never enforced these habits as good and it only happened with me at first but now that my bf has been living with us for a year I've noticed she does it with him sometimes as well. but if I'm not around she's fine with other dogs. there are so many more questions and situations that I could use help with so generally speaking I need husky people in my life to bounce ideas off of haha thanks
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