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  1. A few years ago I had a non-husky mixed breed. I was just curious to know what she was. I bought a dog DNA test from Amazon.com. I'm in USA, but I checked Amazon UK. They have the last version of the same test. There are more expensive tests according to your needs. But I did this for fun. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wisdom-Panel-2-0-Dog-test/dp/B00G334QXU/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=dog+dna&qid=1564967441&s=gateway&sr=8-3. BTW, our Scoobie was 50% mish-mash, 25% Australian Cattle Dog, 12.5% Boxer and 12.5% Border Collie. She herded us all!
  2. My non-husky Scooby had this surgery on both legs but a year or so apart. She did very well. In the photo you can see her in front of the enclosure we bought to contain her. We set it up under the TV so we could keep an eye on her. It's been handy on other occasions as well. You get get the details on the pen here: https://express.google.com/product/Precision-Pet-Courtyard-Kennel/0_3833145327017702834_0
  3. Our Mishka had a tiny bump like this. The vet said it was benign but would continue to grow. And eventually it would rub the cornea and have to be removed. She said it could be removed when she was under sedation for something else. The growth didn't seem to bother Mishka. So we let it go for a few years during which we moved and changed vets. When she was sedated for a dental cleaning, the new vet removed the growth which was what the first vet said it was. The new vet told us that the incision was a bit bigger than we might have expected because he took a little extra to make sure he got the
  4. My friend's Pitbull lays like this, but my Huskies never have.
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