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  1. Here are some better pictures, the one outdoors is when she was younger and the one indoors are now. You can see how wide she has gotten. She doesn't get human food, and she gets very small treats rarely.
  2. Hello, new member here, my parents have a 4.5yr old female husky that they rescued a while back. I’ve read up on the breed and did my research and know they need to be very active due to their metabolism. She is very fat like a log. They feed her Merrick Classic Lamb dry food twice a day. I got them to cut back her food but that hasn't helped. If I take her on lets say a 1 mile walk daily will that help her get back down to her original size? If you can leave any tips and questions regarding diet/exercise it would be appreciated. -Hunter ps. the picture outside is the first picture I have of her.
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