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  1. Also, i know most people say 2 hours a day walk, but i would only be able to do a 1 hour a day walk, i also live in the english country side so theres lots of bumps and fields and stuff, would only a 1 hour walk be okay
  2. Sorry for asking 10 million questions, will my cat be okay too or would the dog see it as prey?
  3. Thank you so much, my garden has a 6 foot wood clad type fence around it, that should be okay to keep him in?, also with the howling aspect, could i train that out of him, and is it a good idea to crate train him when hes younger as apose to older?
  4. Hi, i have a few quick questions, i am 15 and i want to own a husky (ive been inspired by the film 'the lost boys') however i need to ask some questions first, are siberian huskys good with other smaller animals, if i were to buy one id buy it from a puppy and raise it with the other smaller dogs, and would i be able to train jt to not escape my garden 😂
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