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  1. No Cat!... She is up on shots. That makes me lil less worried. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone my name is Lisa and I have a approximately 21 month old female and she is I believe should be considered a red and she has to buy colored eyes he is a rescue we've had her for about three months and the past four days have been a little stressful and I don't know what to do hopefully I don't have to worry too much but we have a decent-sized backyard and critters do come in and out we did have a resident groundhogs and Zoe loves chasing them loves chasing any prey now 4 days ago we didn't notice right away but she captured and killed one we were able to get it away from her dispose of it and things were okay about an hour ago she caught another one and killed it and this time she got a little puncture under her eye that we can tell do I need to worry about her be coming over aggressive and because I also have three other dogs that are all female in the house can anybody help me or give me some inside of part of a training that I can do with her thank you
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