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  1. Gah, I am glad he doesn't think he can eat them (frogs). Now bunnies on the other hand... he loves bunnies He even gets along with my daughters kitten and plays with her all the time gently, but the bunnies! They get him going...
  2. Welp Meiko found something by his potty tree in my back yard and has been staring it down about 20 minutes... most likely a frog lol...
  3. Sorry I havent gotten back with you all! I have been a little busy between work, my grandbabies, and of course my husky baby! We have been going to the dog park alot lately so he can run and play! Hes a very social guy! My issue with him has been he seems to want to sneak out when you open the door and as we all know Huskies are fast, it takes one second for him to be gone and I can't run after him forever... so I have to get the car and search to whom he stops to say hi to them at their house (he's so friendly)... so I am wondering if there are any suggestions on how to keep him from bolting out the house and taking off... a friend said to get a wireless fence (the kind you dont put in the ground just a circular transmitter in the air) and just surround my area not for containment but so when he runs out the door we have time to grab him when he gets to the boundary... my neighbor across the street has the wire one in his yard and his dog stays there she is a retriever. Is that a good option? Or can anyone tell me good training options. He likes to sneak out on my daughter or grandson... me he seems to not try that with...
  4. Hello! I am Melissa and I have a Husky baby (Meiko), well hes almost two this November 8th. I picked him out at 4 weeks old and he has been with me since! (Few pics included) It is nice to meet everyone! I joined to help me learn alittle more about training and to share with everyone as well! I do have a question I would love a opinion on:) If anyone is willing to help
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