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  1. Yeah judges for V, group is nice... I want a speedy recovery for your dog. 😊😊💜💜
  2. Hello everyone 👋 I do not know if you can come to this dog show because it is in Serbia.We still train our dog read the rest of the post so you will be clear.Good day I wish you. ❤️❤️❤️😊 Post:👇👇👇
  3. Hi! I have a question about dog show. If the female husky is dominant and territorial can it pass or not? When she sees another dog go wild and have a way of preventing it. They attack and bigger and less dogs than I can simply overcome it I also have a problem because it is so to say a lot of aggressive and dominant towards people he doesn't know. On this picture she looking man 👇👇👇
  4. Sara6


  5. Sara6


  6. I don't know if her tail is down because she's in a cage and when she sees a dog he automatically lifts it up and the other female keeps up.Here you can see how you do when it's in the presence of her mother.This brighter is her. 55298996_631704180611699_5228022969388761088_n.mp4
  7. Hello! Can you tell me, do you have your dogs training on the dog's tail for dog show , or are they up on their own when they see the dogs? I'm asking because we need to take our female to an dog show in Serbia. And can you still tell me if it fills the standard? thank you. I need to she walk look like os second picture of tail standar.
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