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  1. My boy Boris, a clown who is too clever for his own good but also a fuzzy love sponge Thought he might be a white german mix because of the brown eyes? but thats deffo a husky curve neck, to me at least
  2. essiyll


    Took him on a boat ride
  3. essiyll


    He loves car rides!
  4. Hi! I'm (obviously) new here and joined because of my white husky boy, Boris. Found him in the country about a year ago and had zero luck finding any owners, so he's been ingrained into our family! He's a gentle, personable boy who likes to follow you like a shadow...but is totally fine doing his own thing too. Thought he might be a husky/white german mix since he has brown eyes, but his behavior is definitely husky-like. First dog ive had over 20 lbs and it's been a learning experience with a number of things like dog aggression/walks/meeting other dogs. He seems to incite the neurotic dogs to start barking when walking in our stupid neighborhood just...walking nicely...and they go beserk at him. Kinda wondering if other husky owners ever see that as well? Husky Intimidation (tm)?
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