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  1. Hello everyone. This is Steele. He is 21 weeks today. I got him when he turned 8 weeks. The lady I got him from said he was full breed but no papers as he was a surprise litter so did not register them. He is a cutie so I took him anyway regardless of his lineage but I'm just curious as to y'alls thoughts. She finally sent me pics of mom and dad and I'm new to Huskies so just asking you all that might be more knowledgeable in husky types, hair length types etc etc. To me, mom looks like a possible mix. What do you think? Also, is short hair like Steele's one of the coat styles they have? Just curious if my boy is mixed. His tail JUST started fluffing out and I noticed the hair behind his legs is getting longer. Hes huge! First pic is mom and dad, last pics are of growing Steele.. he looks brownish in the last pics I took just now cuz we just got back from the park so it's bath time, he is black and white.
  2. Hello All! My name is Sarah and I'm a noobie here. I am a Game Designer, Tattoo and overall Multimedia artist! Mother of 4 and two fuzzies named Steele and Moxxi. Steele is my Husky pup and is currently 21 weeks old. Took a bit to potty train but got it down now. He is extremely obedient, he is ALWAYS by my right side as he follows me everywhere... literally, if I get up just to walk two steps to grab a tissue, he will get up and tail me just to do that (never trained him to do that) even at a park or public areas he does not run away♡ (I'm very proud of that). He's a good boi. I have a few ? But will ask in appropriate area.
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