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    I love having pets I currently have 2 Siberian Huskies, 1 Ball Python, 2 Dojo Loaches, 1 Betta Fish, and 1 Leopard Gecko !
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    animal care and accounting, swimming, writing
  1. HI im Hannah, I am concerned for one of my huskies named Billie. She has not been eating like she used to, I want to say that it is a dental problem but she has been eating grass to make herself vomit. Also, just yesterday both dogs escaped and animal control was called, when the lady who caught Billie pet her she said that she might be allergic to the food or she could have had a tick and may be allergic. but my dogs don't have ticks or fleas. So before I take her to the vet I wanted to come on here and ask for your help. the photo attached is how she used to look and now she looks like she is on her way to malnourishment
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