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  1. I have a one and a half year old husky named Kira. Shes been difficult from the get go. Potty training was a nightmare and she still has accidents, she still wont listen to my commands even though she knows them. She is a touch inbread from a back yard breeder which i didnt know until after i saw her papers. Shes an absolutly beautiful dog and my husky i had growing up was no where near as bad. She likes to play with my cat and my cat likes to play rough. In the past few months shes taken to running beside him and biting his head hard enough that he cries. We've broken them up and dont let them play together anymore because shes way to rough and my cat wont scratch her to get her to back off. Just last weekend we got a kitten and my dog has just gone nuts. She lunges for the kitten anytime she can. She wont eat she wont calm down if the kitten around shes absolutly obsessed. Shes tried to dig her way into the laundry room just to reach the kitten. My fiance hates the dog because shes so disobedient and i dont know what to do anymore. Shes not fixed yet because my vet wants to charge me a fortune and im so busy at work i cant often take her for walks. I want to keep her but i feel like theres nothing i can do to stop her. Even if she goes on daily walks i still feel shes going to try and attack the kitten. After yet another breakdown and feeling like a failure my fiance said hes done helping with the dog. He wont force me to get rid of it but hes not going to help with a dog whos he feels like is a lost cause. Im in Maine if that helps any.
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