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  1. Hey everyone, I'm new in this world, and it's my first Husky which was a breed that i always loved! Although i have a few concerns that hope you can help me with. 1 - About the energy. Well i know Huskys are pretty active, and so is mine! I walk with him almost every day, and the days i don't i let him run around in the garden since is big and has walls so he doesn't run. Although even today, i walked him for around 1 hour, and after that we went to an open park where he ran like crazy and even went to the water (has a river close by). Even after that i couldn't train him or even tell him to sit cause he is always full of energy! Is this normal? Am i doing something wrong? 2 - About the personality. I totally love my dog, and he is pretty smart. Sometimes i just think he doesn't respect me and really doesn't care about me, for instances he doesn't like getting petted as much as i would expect, he seems to be fine on his own and all we wants is to run free, i wish i could tell him to listen to me more frequently, even without distractions i try to talk to him and he doesn't really listen or pay attention. 3 - Puppy bitting. Yeah I know it's normal for puppies to bite since they are changing the teeth and all. But I can't make mine to not bite, even though its as game for him, he is getting really strong and doesn't know how strong he can bite sometimes. I already tried to swap my hand for a toy everytime he tries to bite but after a bit he gets tired of the toy and comes back to bite me, any tips? 4 - Training. I can make him sit (not always since he doesn't always listen) showing him a stick a ball or something he really wants, although without it he is pretty stubborn and doesn't really wanna do has i say. I would like to teach him more tricks and manners, like stay or give paw and walk on leash without pulling and so on, i really want him to be a "good boy" and I have the time to spare I just need some guidance how to make it work best! 5 - Nutrition. I'm a bit picky with nutrition, i'm afraid he is not having the best food for him, i talked to my vet and she said the food is just fine. But I wanna know if there's anything better for his health in general, right know what i give him is Pedrigree Junior (i'll put an image below). I heard that taste of the wild is a really good option, what do you guys think about it? Well i think for now that is all for now, any tips are apreciated because I wanna be a good owner as much as possible! Cheers!
  2. Hey there, My name is Rodrigo, and i'm 23 years old. After a few years of really wanting an husky i finally could do it and here he is. This is Bolt, he is now 5 months old and is full of energy. Cheers!
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