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  1. Thanks everyone for your valuable advice and support. I've picked up a few gems here which I'm going to try - namely giving her plenty more mental stimulation, as aside from her daily walks and play with her brother, I don't know much in the way of that. I'm also going to try the gentle leader for heeled-walks as many people have recommended this to me (so long as harness and additional lead also attached in case she slips out of the head leader). At the moment I do crate her when I leave the house (Which I Never do for more than 3-4 hours at a time and her crate is actually a large but empty room in the house which I leave both dogs in with only a water bowl and a rug/few blankets) to minimise destruction. Most of the damage she's done has been when I've been naive enough to let her free roam parts of the house while I've been out (mostly because my GSD has always been such a good boy when I leave him I foolishly believed the Husky would be the same! haha). Many thanks T
  2. Hi all - new to the forum hoping for some encouragement and/or advice. I adopted a 6 month husky (female) from a friend who is a breeder (pup was returned to her for being “difficult” owners didn’t want her anymore). She came to us with no manners & a very bad attitude. We hoped our super well behaved German Shepherd would rub off on her, and some gentle positive reinforcement would do the trick. It’s been almost a year and no amount of treating or “good girls” can get her to do what I ask. Even a simple sit is a struggle every time. She is walked twice a day for at least 40 mins. I’m home most of the time. She’s destroyed 4 dog beds, 1 sofa, and 1 mattress (the one we sleep on - which she’s not allowed on). When I feed her she barks and howls at me as if to hurry me up. If I go to pat her on the head she ducks or runs away from me. Recall is 0% unless it’s food in my hand. Walks are often a nightmare because she pulls and pulls (even on an 8m lead). I feel so disheartened - like this dog will never love or respect me. I’m firm with her but have never hurt her. She is well cared for but seems to just not be interested in me or pleasing me at all. She is not spayed yet - I’m hoping this might calm her down a bit when I take her to get it done? Any other words of advice or encouragement ?
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