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  1. Yeah the medication and ointment they gave her what's the fight any possible infection. Thank you for your replies! Definitely want to get a second opinion. She doesn't seem to have any issues using the restroom at all it's only tender when I apply the ointment
  2. I was thinking that too, but with the given information dose anyone have insight? Thank you guys for the replies
  3. The vet just said that it could be a number of issues like tumors, abscess, ect she gave no difinitive answer
  4. Earlier today I was giving my my 8 year old sibe a bath when I noticed that there was blood coming from her anal area. Upon inspection I saw a little blood blister like thing in the 2 o'clock position( this one was slightly swollen) and then some other very small but similar spots at what seemed to be the 7pm position. The area wasn't hard or stiff. I proceeded to finish the bath and I walked her for about a mile as well, immediately after. I then took her to the vet and they checked her out. They said everything seemed normal internally. She's kept her appetite, drinks water normally, her stool was completely normal meaning no discoloration or blood and no diarrhea. The vet gave an ointment and some antibiotics. What could this be?
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