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  1. Wow! It's incredible how you're across the world from us and yet we have huskies that look almost identical to each other But yes, yours is definitely a lot slimmer than Kasper is, however he's always had this robust build even as far back as a puppy, so I wonder if it's just a genetic predisposition or something. He gets a lot of exercise but could eat til the cows come home - he's spoilt rotten by some family members so that probably doesn't help matters haha.
  2. Hi all, New here but have had a Siberian Husky for 15 months now and I'm still learning as I go along. His name is Kasper and he's an A1 - pure Siberian. As you can see from the photos, he's a unit. Very long, very bulky, and very strong. However, I worry that he's overweight so would like to see what you think. Got him weighed at the vets today for his flea tablet subscription and he came out at 46.4 kilograms. It wasn't until I looked up the healthy weight of an adult Siberian, which is around 21-23kg (?), that it dawned on me that he may be heavily overweight. Of course, all huskies are different to some extent, and will range in body size and build, but he's always naturally been more robust around his chest and shoulders compared to other Siberians, so it could possibly even be muscle, we're not sure. Has anyone else had issues surrounding the weight of their husky? If so, how did you tackle it? - Ben.
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