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  1. I have 3 cats ranging in ages 2-5 yrs old. My Husky who was shy of 3 yrs old at the time (now 4) came along after the cats and although 2 cats maintain a wide birth they all get along just dandy. I've also been told my husky is not a typical husky when it comes to her behavior. That said I may have simply gotten lucky. ☺️
  2. A preface to my inquiry...my Husky, Elsa, is up to date on all vaccines, full panel blood work, and chest x-ray. The vet chalks it up to "allergies". Elsa is a 4 yr old white AKC registered Sibe with one blue eye and one parti-eye. Do any of you experience chronic hacking, coughing, gagging with you Huskies?
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