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  2. I wanted to buy the K9 III, It's $420 but after reading the information about the product I found a product that is half a price, more powerful and the most important, with a reliable and well known company. X-POWER I have a friend with an air duct company, and he use Xpower for years and years to to dry houses with water damage. so I had to check about this company. As mention above, I noticed that they have some professional pet blowers with much more air flow then the K9. It's made me realize that most people that but K9 it's because groomers recommended it, but for some reason groomers don't really know about hte XPOWER. and that's not good. I just got the blower a week ago and I'm so happy I didn't spend $420 ! By the way, I'm NOT promoting X-POWER because I'm working for them etc..! I'm a single person that want to get good result for what I paid for without spending too much. now I'm sharing my information with you all. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU BUY ! https://xpower.com/
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