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  1. As the others have said try your your best to keep him out of the sun and also this so called groomer has not bothered to find out anything about huskys (only there for the pound/dollar) could really do with letting others no. It really does do y-head-in when people even friends comment about how much hair/fur I have on me a times and they say why don't you just gettum shaved. I don't blxxdy think so.
  2. What the others have said plus what are you brushing her with,
  3. Hi all I was going to ask "what is everyone using to brush/de-shedd there furry friends with" (it's probs already been asked like a thousand times)I am currently using a slicker brush which is doing an ok job. In the past I have tried a furminator I was advised against using this 2 yrs later, thunder didn't like it anyway and the fur on his back legs has never grown back properly.
  4. Dean


    Hi robke thanks for replying that's a pretty cool pic on your page thing with everybody lined up. I don't have huskies I have Alaskan mals thunder who is 9 and Dakota who is 3.
  5. Dean


    Hi im new here i think im in the right place, not sure though.
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