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  1. I've always been a restless person. I jog, I bike, I go for long walks regardless if it's freezing outside or raining. And I wanted a dog to accompany me on these trips so I got a husky. When I am at work, which is from 730 am to 3 pm, my husky is at this dog-garden. Basically a kindergarten for dogs. I pay 350 usd every month for that.They make the dogs do mental activities, they walk them, they have this huge open field where they can run all day and play with other dogs. I drop him off 6 am and he is there till 3 pm. When I go pick him up, we walk back home, which is 1 hr. Here he walks and runs freely since it's a wooded area. This makes 10 hrs of being outside and playing. That same day he gets another 2 hrs of jogging/biking/walking PLUS being at the dog park with another husky which he plays with for 2-3 hrs. Guess what? When we come home, he refuses to go in. If I do get him inside, he naps for 15 min and is ready to go again, scratching the front door to try and get out. If i don't get him inside, he stays outside for 15 min before he climbs over the fence, or he digs under the fence or he chews himself out somehow. Once he escapes, it's like he doesn't stop running. Like, what does he want from me? The odd thing is that he does get tired during the bike ride for example and slows down a lot, but give him a 15 min nap and he is ready again. He is 9 months old. Like, what is the solution here? Longer bike rides? On weekends I spend almost half the day just being outside and trying to tire him, instead of enjoying the trips... It's exhausting being out and active for 4 hrs and come home, and still being nagged to go out again. He is an Alaskan Husky and his parents run professionally. Any advice?
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