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  1. Thanks for your reply . It's very difficult as Akela , That's been with us for a month is really playful and good with other dogs and we don't want him to miss out on socializing with other dogs because Zala has issues . We were advised by the vet to get a muzzle but we are concerned that it doesn't actually resolved/cure the problem , We would love to be as relaxed and confident in Zala as we are Akela so any information or advise would be great . And yes she is fine with the children but we are concerned about them getting caught up in a dog fight that's caused by these issues Zala has
  2. Hi all we are Ricky and Aimee and these are our two rescue huskys both 4 years old the white one is Akela and has been with us for a month and the black and white is Zala and been with is a week .
  3. Hi all , We are new to owning huskys , And got our first rescue a month ago and hes perfect so decided to get him a play mate from the same place a girl the same age 4 years old . Was told she was non reactive/aggressive which is essential as we have children, However after having her only a week now shes reacted badly to every dog shes come close to and even attacked another dog yesterday whilst out walking . We've tried contacting the rescue centre we got her from but all calls and messages are being ignored , We are now very anxious about going out for walks with her and are wondering if any of you have any advice or recommendations Thanks in advance
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