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  1. I got 3 huskys. 1 the oldest of the house is Lady. She is now 17m had her since 6wks old. Then in March I got a boy husky now 4m named Acheron. I thought I could make a nice couple and Lady could have 1 litter. Lady treated "Ash" like her baby. It was adorable. Early last month a friend told me that she had a girl husky and needed someone that care about the breed to take over bc she was a cat person and just couldnt do it. So I took husky No 3 now called Simi in. Lady didnt take to this kindly as she stop eating and just got depressed or something. Time passed and I took all 3 to the vet and they told me that Lady has malnutrition issues, something in her gut not receiving the nutrients she barely ate. So they put her on permanent b12 injections, and probably wont be able to have pups. This had been like 2 weeks now. She is now eating and moving around. Thank God! BUT now Lady is humping Simi like every 5 mins. I swear she understands me bc I told her she needed to stop or she get pow-pow. So question for all my furry butts family. Is it normal to have the 1st girl get sick bc another one came in, and is the vit ok for long term use? 2. Is Lady humping Simi normal? 3. Acheron seems to like Simi better then Lady. Is this why Lady is upset? 4. What kind of food do you give your 4legged kids? Your comments are welcomed and blessed. Thanks. ~J~
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