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  1. My husky just turned one and had begun his first shed as well and I was worried also with the coarseness of the hair underneath. Is there anything someone could recommend to soften the hair as it seems to be somewhat itchy for him at times.
  2. My boy is about a year old now and I would say he was quite similar. We recently did some training sessions as he would only listen when food was involved. I feel after the training our bond has been better than ever. He knows now I am in charge and can keep him safe, and we understand each other a lot more. He now has a desire to follow me and always stay close by my side. However, he is still not a big cuddler and I don't think it is in his personality to be, but he is a lot more affectionate by far.
  3. Hi everyone! I have a soon to be one year old male husky named Sai, who is a very dominant and loves his rough play. We have recently just taken in a rescue hound, Rosie and all ten of her five week old puppies until they are ready for their forever homes. We have slowly introduced Sai and Rosie by taking them on walks and they are started to get along quite well. Rosie is still quite timid, however, and of course defensive of her puppies so we do keep them seperated on different floors of the house and give them different run time in our fenced yard. My question being.. what the best way to introduce the dogs for playtime in the back yard and is it a good idea considering I do not know much about Rosie? (we have only had her for a few days, but she seems like such a gentle girl) Also we have introduced one or two of the pups to Sai through the doggy gate and he seems so gentle and calm in front of them (more calm than I have ever seen him) , however I know he plays rough and worry about how he will be as I have never seen him with smaller pups. If anyone could offer me any advice on this and whether or not we should be introducing them yet or wait until the pups are older that would be great! Thank you!!
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